XecureZone Architecture

XecureZone is XecureIT’s holistic security architecture. It is a highly secure system where all incoming and outgoing network packets will be scrutinized by multi-layer and multi-level security controls before accessing specific servers or network segments. All systems and users activities inside XecureZone are also tightly monitored.



XecureClient is highly secure end-point solution to access highly sensitive systems and information, especially to deal with high grade attack. XecureClient must be used together with XecureGateway to create XecureZone Architecture.

XecureClient can be functioned as secure server, secure administrator or auditor workstation (XecureAdmin) or secure forensic workstation (XecureForensic).


XecureBrowser is an internet banking security solution for bank’s customer based on Firefox’s open source “engine”. XecureBrowser can be customized to access sensitive web application.


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